Peace Labyrinth

A labyrinth is a powerful sacred structure used to deepen your spiritual connection to the Divine

Welcome to the Bluff Trail Labyrinth!


                     Located near Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

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 Welcome to the Bluff Trail Labyrinth!

This labyrinth was constructed in the Fall of 2008.  There are events held all summer long.  Be sure to check the calendar for the schedule.  Labyrinths have been found all over the world.  It's a true mystery as to their original purpose.  The purpose of this labyrinth is for peace and healing.  If you have never experienced walking these amazing sacred structures, I invite you to locate one near you and get started on the journey of a lifetime!  

The story of the Bluff Trail Labyrinth

This is a 7 circuit chartres medieval peace/healing labyrinth.  I got the idea on October 1, 2008 as Jerry and I were walking in the backyard.  This piece of land had turned to weeds and we were unable to grow anything on it.  On our evening walk, a thought came to me about creating a labyrinth here. Then the labyrinth took on a whole new energy of its own and the miracles started happening!  Things just fell into place!  I ordered the large stones, cobblestones and crushed limestone from Madison Block & Stone (  Tony was very helpful in ordering the exact amount of supplies that I needed.  Lisa Moriarty ( sent me instructions for laying it out.

On October 10, 2008, we layed down over 12 tons of large stones, 9600 lbs of crushed limestone and 8000 lbs of cobblestones.  The center is white beach sand with rose quartz for the border.  I then purchased over 400 polished stones and placed in the path among the rocks.  Everyone who walks the path is welcome to take a stone home with them.  The labyrinth is free for anyone who would love to experience it! 

My intention for creating this labyrinth was for peace and healing.  Betty & Jeni from Ancient Healing  ( did an opening ceremony that was absolutely spectacular!

If you live far away and are in need of healing, please e-mail me your picture and I will place it in the center.  I do a walk and prayer every night at 7pm.  If a picture is not available, I can write a name down on a piece of paper. 

Be sure to check out the other pages on this website!  Thank you for your interest and time!



Donations are accepted, but not required.  See donation page for details.

                         The Labyrinth now has a Stream!


Orbs coming to the labyrinth!

Tips for Walking the Labyrinth and Reflexology Path

We live in a hectic world at this time, but that doesn't mean you have to feel hectic.  As you walk the labyrinth - you may want to take off your shoes - feel the sand under your feet.  What does the sand feel like?  Is it cold or warm?  Walk slower than you have ever walked in your life.  Notice what the wind feels like on your skin.  If thoughts of the day fly into your mind, simply notice them and blow them away to the wind to deal with later if necessary.  Begin to notice your surroundings.  Are the birds singing.  What other noises do you hear?  Are there ants running around (probably there are!).  Notice how your body feels.  Is it tense or relaxed.  What mood are you in?  Stop along the way and pause for a moment.  Is there anything that you are drawn to look at, think about or just "feel".  Pick a tree and notice every detail about it.  Use your imagination to create what message this tree would tell you if it could. 

Notice the stones in the path.  Stop and pick one up.  Is there a pattern on it.  Does the stone have a message for you?  If no message comes, thank the stone and place it somewhere else along the path. 

Sometimes while walking a great idea will come.  It is perfectly OK to walk out of the labyrinth and write it down while it's fresh in your mind.  Then you can either start over or go back to the place where you were.

Walking the labyrinth is taking time for youself.  It's slowing down the fast paced lifestyle we live in and reconnecting with your higher self and inner guidance.  Feel free to bring a journal and when you reach the center of the labyrinth - write down your thoughts and inspirations.